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Welcome to SmbServer, a Samba Server for RISCOS. This is a port of Samba 2.0.2-19990209 for Unix/Linux. SmbServer allows any filing system and directory path on RISCOS to be exported and shared with Unix/Linux and Windows. Windows/Linux/Unix can connect to the RISCOS directories as if they were connecting to another Windows machine since Samba uses the Microsoft File Sharing Protocol.

!smbserver also includes a Netbios Nameserver which enables RISCOS machines to appear in the Network Neighborhood window on Windows PCs.

This software is provided as is and the author takes no responsibility for any loss or damage of files or data when using it! This software has been tested with Linux, Windows 98, Windows XP Pro, !Omniclient(LanMan) (running on anther RiscPc) and !LanMan98 (running on anther RiscPc). This software has been tested on RISCOS 4.02, RISCOS 3.7 and RISCOS 3.1.

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